Other installation options

Sysadmin / CLI installations

To be written.

Build spellers from source

It is possible to build your own spellers directly from source, and as part of that also modify the source to fit your needs. Do as follows:

  1. Follow the instructions here to make sure you have all tools required to build your own speller.
  2. Create a folder to store all packages in, e.g. langtech/.
  3. Download the giella core tarball (use the green Code button, then select Download Zip), which contains prerequisites for all languages. After the download, unpack it in the dir you made above, and do the following:
    cd giella-core
    sudo make install
  4. Do the same for giella shared.
  5. Download the language source code tarball for your language:
  6. Unpack in the same dir as above, and run the following commands:
    ./configure --with-hfst --enable-spellers
    sudo make install

    Replace YOURLANGUAGE with the name of the language directory you just unpacked.

There are more than hundred other languages available for download at github.com/giellalt, from production quality languages to tiny experiments.