Other installation options

Multiple languages

When installing the spellers listed on the other tabs, you get one language as part of the installation. For now, you can't install more than one such speller at a time. If you want to install additional languages, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download zhfst files
    Download language:  Version:  Documentation and source code:
    Finnish N/A  Finnish project documentation and source code.
    Greenlandic N/A  Greenlandic project documentation and source code.
    KvenBETA N/A  Kven project documentation and source code.
  2. Move the downloaded zhfst file(s) to one of the directories searched by the spellers:
    • Windows: no fixed location, see link below
    • OSX: $HOME/Library/Spelling/voikko/3
    • Linux: $HOME/.voikko/3
    More possible locations are listed here, look for the heading «Search order for dictionary files». Remember to always put the .zhfst files in a directory named «3» within those directories mentioned on that page.
  3. Log out and log back in

Build spellers from source

It is possible to build your own spellers directly from source, and as part of that also modify the source to fit your needs. Do as follows:

  1. Follow the instructions here to make sure you have all tools required to build your own speller.
  2. Download the giella core tarball, which contains prerequisites for all languages. After the download, unpack and do the following:
    cd giella-core
    sudo make install
  3. Download the language source code tarball for your language:
  4. Unpack and run the following commands:
    ./configure --with-hfst --enable-spellers
    sudo make install

    Replace YOURLANGUAGE with the name of the language directory you just unpacked.